Thursday, June 11, 2015

Compared to smart editors?

Naomi Kresge needs better headline writers at Insurance Journal;

Smart Cars Don’t Eliminate Human Errors

We'll not be holding our breath waiting for the list of technologies invented by humans that do. Though we marvel at the missed clues from Ms Kresge's story;
Another of Google’s driverless cars was rear-ended on Thursday, bringing the total to 13 accidents over six years of tests, with nine being a hit in the backside. While smart cars stand to prevent accidents overall, the incidents illustrate the challenges posed by the interplay between people and computers.
Our bold (for the headline writer's benefit)
As cars do more of the driving themselves, alternating control between the machine and a distractable human is “going to be a tough issue,” said Philippe Crist, an OECD economist who coordinated a May 28 report on autonomous driving. That’s a big reason many automakers probably won’t introduce completely automated cars any time soon. Plus, there’s a risk that such vehicles will result in new types of crashes, he said.
Life is ....

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