Monday, June 8, 2015

Cat fight in Seattle

Ooh ah, ooh ah, cool, cool kitty
Talk about the girl from New York City

When socialists compete for political power, you wish you had the popcorn concession;
Socialist City Council Member Kshama Sawant was in New York City this weekend asking people for money for her reelection campaign.

"Please bring your checkbook and consider donating generously!" read the Facebook page for a fundraiser organized by the New York City chapter of Sawant's party, Socialist Alternative. "Solidarity!"
That wasn't lost on Kshama's rival for that council seat, Pamela Banks;
Here's the subject of a press release Banks and her campaign consultant (and Mayor Ed Murray ally) Christian Sinderman sent out today: "Sawant Skips City Council Hearing on Transportation Equity to Raise Campaign Cash in New York City." 
In the body of the press release, according to The Stranger article, it got down and dirty;
“Actions speak louder than words—even for someone who speaks as noisily as Sawant,” Banks says in the press release. “She can talk a good game about equity, but you can’t make an impact for the people of Seattle when you’re raising money in Manhattan... We need council members who are present, attentive, and dedicated to reading the fine print, not jet setting in search of campaign cash."

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