Thursday, June 18, 2015

Great egotists think alike

If this from the current Sec'y of State can be called thinking;
The Pope’s powerful encyclical calls for a common response to the critical threat climate change poses to our common home. His plea for all religions to work together reflects the urgency of the challenge. The faith community – in the United States and abroad – has a long history of environmental stewardship and aiding the poor, and Pope Francis has thoughtfully applied those same values to the very real threat our planet is facing today.
Too bad we can't all marry heiresses, eh John? But, there is another tradition among the faith community that we might want to give some thought to. It's called fighting faiths, and has exhibited a bit of problematic behavior over the millennia, like The Thirty Years War.

Guestimates vary among the historians, but the lower bound is that a quarter of the population of Europe was killed in just that one war between Catholics and Protestant. How does air conditioning stack up against that record?

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  1. The Pope runs a large faith-based organization which rejects proof as a basis for membership. There is no proof for faith.

    No wonder he respects Global Warming, another large faith-based organization. Maybe he can convince governments to send some of their contributions his way, in exchange for getting out the message, advertising.