Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Better to buy one candle making machine...

Than to curse the heart of darkness that is Zimbabwe under Mugabe;
“There are many things people want to achieve in life, but when one depends on a salary alone, it takes one longer than planned. That is why I got my savings and invested in a candle-making machine,” [Primrose] Rusere said in a recent interview.
The need in Zimbabwe is a source of light that does not depend on electricity, so Primrose filled it, after recognizing that necessity is the mother of entrepreneurship;
The candle-making machine is operated by hand and uses candle wax as a raw material. “I did this because of the erratic supply of electricity, so this is an advantage for us,” she said. “The process starts with preheating the candle wax to melt it. The machine has a steering, which has to be turned so that the vents on the machine are opened so as to enable full size candles to come out.
And it has a way to introduce cool water into it, and drain same after the wax hardens back to solid form . At first she sold the candles door to door, but now the customers come to her, such is the need of Zimbabweans for them in a country with frequent power outages.

Also, the candles repel mosquitoes. She now employs five people and is training more.

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