Friday, June 5, 2015 a woman scorned by rent controllers

So San Francisco law turns what had been a mutually beneficial relationship between tenant and landlord--one pays rent at market prices, the other provides shelter--into one where self-interests are at daggers drawn. Guess what happens to the 'protected' tenants;
Kihagi, a native of Kenya who also goes by Anne Kihagi and Anna Kihagi Swain, burst onto the San Francisco real estate scene in June 2013 when she started buying up properties in Noe Valley, the Castro, the Mission and North Beach. She had previously invested in multifamily properties in West Hollywood in Los Angeles County, where she was also sued by the city for violating rent-control regulations.
Regulations that take from the lawful owner of the property and give to the lucky tenants who currently occupy the apartments. What could be fairer.
From the beginning, her business model has been clear. ...Kihagi focuses on buildings with long-time rent-controlled tenants paying below-market rents and then seeks to get rid of them.Typically she offers to buy out tenants and, if that doesn’t work, the city’s lawsuit said, she threatens an “owner move-in” or a “relative move-in” eviction, both of which are allowed under the state rent control laws.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive market forces. We especially liked this;
Kihagi has gone on the offensive against the city. In March she filed a complaint, claiming that city inspections of her properties amounted to “illegal searches and trespassing.” She accused city of enforcing building codes in an “arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory manner.” She said she has been “singled out and targeted due to a personal animus toward her, motivated in part by the city’s opposition to a female, African American immigrant owning property.”
Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of political hacks.

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