Thursday, June 4, 2015

Miss Pinochet?

Chileans appear to be suffering buyer's remorse;
The latest public-opinion poll released on Monday, June 1, by the consulting firm Cadem demonstrates the president’s [Michelle Bachelet's] popularity has dwindled to just 26 percent. The results represent a stark contrast to Bachelet’s approval rating of 52 percent when she took office in March 2014, then peaking at 56 percent a few months later.
Her son and daughter-in-law's financial dealings being a large part of it;
Bachelet’s popularity suffered its worst hit after Chilean prosecutors filed criminal charges against her son, Sebastián Dávalos, and his wife Natalia Campagnon, for influence peddling and improper use of privileged information.
But the poor performance of the Chilean economy under the socialist ideologue surely is the bigger factor.

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