Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ministry of Skinny Jeans?

Surely that can't be too far off, given the tragedy in Australia;
A doctor is Australia is warning wearers of skinny jeans to avoid squatting after a woman in Adelaide lost feeling in her legs, leaving her temporarily unable to walk, according to a report published Tuesday in the "Sydney Morning Herald."
While helping a relative move house, the 35-year-old patient spent a whole day squatting while cleaning out cupboards and packing boxes. Neurologist Dr. Thomas Kimber said she felt her legs and feet grow numb as she was walking home through a park.
She fell over and lay there for hours until she managed to get the attention of a passing taxi, which took her to a hospital. Where they cut off her jeans, which were so tight they'd cut off the supply of blood to her calf muscles.

Where was the government!

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