Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The old ways are best, Comrade

Morning Star: The People's Daily is in seventh heaven (if that's possible for atheists);
VENEZUELA has taken decisive action against corporate hoarders, with military and civilian officials taking over supermarkets to ensure distribution of essential goods today.
The government temporarily took over the Dia a Dia supermarket chain as part of a crackdown on the private businesses it blames for worsening shortages and long queues that have been likened to the artificial crisis preceding Chile’s 1973 fascist coup.
The price of socialism is eternal vigilance.

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  1. Now, the new shipments of food will not be stored away in the owner's basements, but distributed fairly at a just price to the workers.

    Say, where are those new shipments of food? Possibly the truckers are storing it in their basements. And the farmers. And the ocean freight owners.

    It is hard to be a true socialist country in a world of capitalism and Yanqui imperialism.