Wednesday, February 4, 2015

High Fidelity

Something still lives in Cuba  if we can believe Granma (and if there really is someone named Randy Perdomo García);
 There is, of course, only Cuba's word for it that Fidel is still alive and receiving visitors, since there's no proof of when these pictures were taken. However, we can't pass up this near perfect example of Commidolatry that might have even embarrassed Mao or Stalin;
Time passes as we address many issues. I try to capture all the details of his greatness, never taking my eyes off him. Always drawing me toward knowledge, he leads the conversation. ....
He comments on astronomy, on the world’s observatories, insisting on the necessity of developing the sciences as the only way intelligence can hold sway; the relationship between these subjects and the economy; and the quality of training these professions receive at universities.
....He reiterated his appeals regarding the production of food for human and animal consumption, and showed me photos of the plantings with which he is experimenting, along with several seeds, talking about their cost and importance; and about the situation of fuels.
On his work table were dozens of press reports compiled in a file. I see up close, and verify, his legendary interest in being well-informed of everything, of both national and international events.
....I thought it must be time to go, but he reinitiated the conversation about new ways to treat several diseases, among them diabetes, with natural foods; the relations between Cuba and Africa, based on the country’s contribution to the independence of the continent’s nations; the end of apartheid; and the current contribution being made by Cuban medical professionals in the struggle against Ebola. And inside, I gave thanks that the opportunity was not yet over.
Finally he showed me some pages of issues he is currently studying, among them one from the Central Bank of Cuba with costs of foods, basic and precious metals, sugar, energy and interest rates.
He's all-seeing, all-knowing, all-world?  No, not even those describe his greatness;
In a cordial, family environment, with his look going far beyond the apparent, I was able to approach his vast wealth of intelligence. I am almost frightened to see how much I have to study and learn. Thus I thank him for revealing this truth to me, and providing me an example of how to to make my way through the unknown with curiosity and good sense.
Having occupied some of his time is the greatest honor I have ever received. .... It has meant several nights without sleep because of the joy, the impatient desire to speak with him again…
....Fidel continues along a perpetual march to the rhythm of our times, as an enduring symbol, as an eternal university student. I cannot put it all in words; I still find myself believing it is a dream. The essence of miracles is difficult to capture however hard we try. Fidel is out of this league.
Or soon will be, wethinks.

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