Thursday, February 26, 2015

I didn't bill that

No way. Maybe some other Gruber. I've always been on the straight and narrow
Vermont officials ignored "obvious signs" of problematic billing by health care economist Jonathan Gruber, the state auditor said in a memo released Monday.
Gruber's invoices lacked important details and claimed dubious numbers of work hours as he prepared economic models for a single-payer health care system — but state officials failed to scrutinize the invoices, Auditor Doug Hoffer wrote.
Hoffer said he was referring the matter to Attorney General William Sorrell, who said in an interview that the auditor raised "serious questions."
The Vermont auditor is sceptical about the ability of Gruber and his team to actually work the number of hours they claim they did;
Gruber submitted two consecutive invoices in September and October claiming the exact same figures — 100 hours for Gruber at $500 per hour, and 500 hours for his research assistants at $100 per hour. Only one research assistant worked on the project, according to the auditor's report.
That one research assistant would have had to work about 115 hours per week.

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