Monday, February 9, 2015

Church of Wha's Happenin' Now

It's catholic, the desire to be seen as hip;
"The root of all evils is inequality", said Pope Francis.
It would probably be closer to the truth to say that the root of all evil is covetousness. Unless that Commandment has been repealed.
In his video message, he quoted his Evangelii Gaudium document to say "no to an economy of exclusion and inequality", which is the "fruit of the law of competitiveness that means the strongest survive over the weak".
Which is why a capitalist economy insists on voluntary exchange, Padre.
 "Beware: this is not only a logic of exploitation but also of waste", he said, adding that the excluded are not only excluded or exploited but refuse, waste. 
Which sounds like the terms Lenin used to describe the productive classes; worms, vermin.
"If we really want to solve these problems and not lose ourselves in sophisms...
Nope, no sophists need apply at the Vatican.
...we need to tackle the root causes. And to do this, there are urgent choices to make: a rejection of the total autonomy of the markets and of financial speculation", the Pope stressed.
We think the rejection ought to hit a little closer to home.

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