Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Farmatodo directly to jail

The one place in Venezuela  where there is no line to enter, El Presidente's jail;
On Sunday, February 1, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called for the arrest of the leaders of pharmacy and foodstuffs chain Farmatodo. The charge: allegedly “conspiring to create shortages of products,” and Maduro announced moves to nationalize the chain.
The drugstore could eliminate the lines outside by raising the prices of their products to reflect supply/demand conditions, but that would be illegal.
The head of the chamber of commerce argued that the arrest of key business figures without due process would create a chilling effect for those previously considering doing business in Venezuela.
“It shouldn’t be that the most risky profession in Venezuela should be business or industry. It shouldn’t be that everybody who trusts in Venezuela and wants to invest should run the risk of arbitrary arrest,” he said.
Which used to be known as a Catch 22. Or, perhaps, Parks and Recriminality;

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