Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Nick Maduro's super-market...da te da te da dah

Ownership is a day to day thing in Venezuela. Except for the ownership of shortages, which always belongs to the imperialist conspirator wreckers;
Venezuela said on Tuesday it has temporarily taken over 35 stores belonging to the "Dia a Dia" supermarket chain on charges it squirreled away food to stoke public exasperation over widespread shortages.
President Nicolas Maduro has alleged that a greedy business elite is hoarding goods and engineering long queues by closing check-out counters in a bid to sabotage his socialist rule.
Any day now, we'll get an explanation of how not selling goods is good business.

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  1. To paraphrase: If you can't make money on a single item, you can't make it up on volume.

    The business owners should be hanged for not giving their all, every sinew and muscle to the socialist cause. They have the brains, but will not use them for the good of their fellow man.

    Then, the citizens should be hanged for demanding goods that are not there. They should not be queuing and yelling, but should go quietly into the dust so that Socialism can finally be successful.

    The individual is nothing. The idea is everything. Viva Maduro!