Monday, February 9, 2015

Goya, the guy who painted atrocities?

Unspeakable degradation, but fascinating are those paintings in the Prado. And these may belong in some kind of museum too;
The Spanish movie industry celebrated the 29th Goya Awards ceremony on Saturday, with nearly four hours of live TV coverage that seemed like it would never end.
....The ceremony over-ran its programmed schedule by nearly an hour, despite the fact that host Dani Rovira...had warned the winners that they only had a minute to thank their families, friends, colleagues and pets.
Because they had a singer in the wings;
And then, at 1am, when people were hoping to finally find out who would scoop the main prizes, singer Miguel Poveda stepped out on stage to regale his audience with a mini-concert. 
You really don't like them?

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