Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Great George Reeves' Ghost!

Back in the good old days, American schoolchildren learned their lessons in public morality in half hour bites;
Crooks have constructed a small mobile "town." They use it as a speed trap to snare money from unsuspecting motorists and, for bigger game, as a way to hijack trucks carrying valuable merchandise. After two hijackings, Lois Lane comes upon the "town" and is captured. Now, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Inspector Bill Henderson are trying to track her down. After they, too, are incarcerated, Clark turns into Superman to shut down the criminal operation.
Look, up in Seattle! Not a Mayberry RFD, but a woonerf;
When Seattle converted four blocks of a car-crammed Belltown street into a parklike boulevard last year, the purpose was to bring a touch of slow-paced Mayberry to the big city.
Well, we got some Mayberry all right. In the form of Andy and Barney handing out $124 tickets to befuddled motorists.
Where's a superhero when a motorist needs one;
“It’s a money grab, pure and simple,” he said. “It’s deceptive. It never ceases to amaze me the little ways this city comes up with to punish its citizens.”
That observation comes from a local businessman who has clearly been around the (four) block(s).

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