Monday, February 23, 2015

For the poor ye shall have with you always

Especially if they work for the Church of England;
The Church of England was accused of double standards by a newspaper and lawmakers on Monday for offering jobs in cathedrals at lower wages than those it has called on other British employers to pay their workers.
The Sun found several ads for work in the cathedrals that pay less than the living wage the bishops have been criticizing others for not meeting.
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said the Church recognised that no employer could ramp up wages overnight, and was working hard to get to a point where it was paying all of its workers the living wage.
"It's embarrassing. We'd prefer to be there. We're getting there as quickly as we can," Welby, the spiritual head of the 80-million strong Anglican communion, told the BBC.
Where the archbishop is planning on finding the money went unsaid.

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  1. The Church needs a "living contribution". Don't let them in to save their souls unless they contribute enough, Don't just pass the plate; carry a nightstick.

    That is how all the governments do it.