Sunday, February 1, 2015

...mais il est notre débauché

And he isn't Francois Hollande, which counts for a lot in France;
A day before the former French presidential hopeful is set to appear before a court at the start of yet another trial exposing his predatory sexual behaviour, a poll in Le Parisien found 79% of the respondents believed [Dominique] Strauss-Kahn would have been a better president than François Hollande.
While 55% of the 1,008 people polled had an unfavourable opinion of Strauss-Kahn, 59% believed the country’s economic and social situation today would have been better had DSK – as he’s known across France – been elected in 2012 instead of Hollande.
But then, who wouldn't have made a better president?
On Monday, the former IMF chief [DSK] faces charges of aggravated procuring for the purposes of prostitution – or pimping – in what has come to be called “the Carlton Affair”. Along with 13 other co-defendants, he is set to appear before a Lille court at the start of a trial that is expected to unveil excruciatingly embarrassing details of Strauss-Kahn’s sex life as well as expose the nexus between power, politics, prostitution and pimping in France.
Vive le France.

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