Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lookin' for a strategy

Not in Syria/Iraq. Not in Libya, nor Ukraine. Fightin' words from the POTUS are saved for Republicans in Milwaukee;
“America deserves a raise,” he told a union crowd in Milwaukee, vowing to keep a hard sell on Congress in much the way he once courted his wife. “I just wore her down,” he cracked.
Timing his push to Labor Day, the traditional start of the autumn campaign, Obama aggressively drew attention to recent economic gains, setting aside past caution on that subject.
....The emphasis on the minimum wage is designed to draw campaign contrasts with Republicans, many of whom maintain that an increase would hurt small businesses and slow hiring. No one expects Congress to act on it before the November elections.
Anybody got a tee time?

Maybe that's where all the Wisconsin drinking class are;
Tavern League of Wisconsin Executive Director Pete Madland said Wisconsin has gone from having the most liquor licenses per capita in the nation to third behind North Dakota and Montana. He said state data shows the roughly 15,000 liquor licenses available statewide when the quota system was adopted in 1997 have declined to about 10,000 now.

"The fact licenses are available and no one wants to pick them up is not rare," Madland said. "As the culture changes, you'll find more of this. It's a combination of the economy, the smoking ban, the demonization of alcohol and move toward home entertainment. Where 30 years ago, of all alcohol sold, 65 percent was on-premise (consumption) and 35 percent was off-premise. Now, those figures are flipped."
In Oshkosh, you'd have to be sloshed to want a liquor license.

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