Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Can't even give it away

Though the owners would like to. What kind of a country forces a business to charge for its products? Can you guess;
French broadcaster TF1 plans to lay off 148 of the staff at news channel LCI, or 60 percent of the total, in response to a July regulatory decision not to allow it to shift the channel from paid to free-to-air.
TF1 also said it had filed an appeal to the country's highest administrative court to overturn the ruling made by the CSA broadcast regulator.
LCI, which launched 20 years ago as France's first 24-hour news channel, is trailing behind its free-to-air rivals iTele, owned by Canal+, and BFM TV from NextRadioTV. TF1 had hoped for permission to stop charging for the channel so as to attract more viewers and advertisers.
Because the regulators know better. Wonder what the staff at the news channel would have to say about that.

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