Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Against it, before he was for it

John Kerry, man of many faces, tries on his Ronald Reagan mask;
Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that Washington would not stand by and watch while the brutal extremists terrorizing Iraq continued to spread their "evil."....
The secretary of state is on a tour of the Mideast designed to drum up support for a coalition to combat ISIS, a group he described as the "manifestation of evil.”
The new coalition of the willing;
... "won’t just be bombs," but rather at a broader approach that could involve "nearly every country on Earth."
 Who was that guy, back in 2006, telling everyone that if you didn't study hard, you'd get stuck in Iraq? As Mark Steyn put it back in 2006 (during Kerry's brief career as a stand-up comedian);
To be sure, like Kerry in 2004 deciding that the murderers and rapists were now his brave "band of brothers," the left often discover a sudden enthusiasm for the previous war once a new one's come along. Since Iraq, they've been all in favor of Afghanistan, though back in the fall of 2001 they were convinced it was a quagmire, graveyard of empire, unwinnable, another Vietnam, etc. Oh, and they also discovered a belated enthusiasm for the first President Bush's shrewd conduct of the 1991 Gulf War, though at the time Kerry and most other Democrats voted against that one, too. In this tedious shell game, no matter how frantically the left shuffles the cups, you never find the one shriveled pea of The Military Intervention We're Willing To Support When it Matters.
Can ISIS be nuanced to death?

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