Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Talk softly, carry your pitching wedge

There's no drama here, move along, says Barack Obama;
TALLINN, Estonia—President Barack Obama said the goal of the U.S. effort to combat Islamic State is to diminish the extremist group to "a manageable problem," which he said would require a lengthy and broad international response.
Which is seen as the POTUS getting tough!
The president, speaking at a news conference on Wednesday in Estonia, signaled a sharper response to the Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS, after U.S. officials early Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of a video showing the extremists beheading a second American citizen, Steven Sotloff.
Such violence only unites Americans, Mr. Obama said, vowing: "Justice will be served."
The president's rhetoric pointed to an expansion in U.S. goals. When Mr. Obama first announced nearly a month ago that he had authorized military strikes in Iraq, he said it would be a limited campaign designed narrowly to blunt the extremists' advances in northern Iraq, safeguard endangered Iraqi minorities and protect Americans still in the country.
Vladimir Putin was unavailable for derision.

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  1. ISIS is angering the US and advertising for recruits by beheading US citizens. If they REALLY wanted to anger the US political establishment, they would behead a US illegal alien.