Friday, September 5, 2014

There is nothin' like une dame

M. Hollande enters the fray;
Speaking to reporters after the NATO summit, Socialist leader Hollande insisted that he was "at the service of the poorest", which he described as his "raison d'être".
In one of the most damaging claims in Trierweiler's bombshell memoirs, she claimed Hollande had voiced contempt for the poor, saying he called them the "toothless."
Hollande said: "I will never accept that anyone calls what has been my life’s commitment into question," urging also that "the office of the president be respected."
We think what's being questioned is just what really is his life's commitment.
He said he served "the most fragile, the most modest, the most humble and the poorest" people.
Especially if they're babelicious.

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