Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We're waiting for one that votes in city council meetings

Can a burger flipping robot be far away?
At Panek Precision Inc., a Northbrook, Ill., machine shop, 21 shiny new robots hum as they place metal parts into cutting machines and remove the parts after they are done. It's a tedious and oily task once handled by machine operators who earn about $16.50 an hour.
One new robot doubled the output from a machine that was previously operated by a worker "because robots work overnight and don't take lunch breaks and they just keep going," says Gregg Panek, the company's president. In some cases, the robots, which are single articulated arms, can even hold a part while it's getting cut since there is no danger of injury.
And the new generation robots don't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, some are as little as $20,000.

Ball, your court, Kshama.

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