Thursday, September 4, 2014

Occupy Jihad

Deutsche Welle has a piece up on how gullible young people are recruited to the fighting faith, with socialist cant;
Few people are willing to reveal they've had contact with extremist circles. Such contact is dangerous: once hooked, Islamistic preachers don't like to let people off their lines. The Internet is the meeting place. One of the people active on it is Omar Omsen, the number one Islamist agitator in France, whose propaganda videos get thousands of clicks: "We Muslims are a huge community, more than 1.5 billion people. Among us a very special chosen group is like the foam on the sea."
Omsen's rants have led some 700 young French people to take part in "holy war", or jihad, in Syria, according to official estimates. Most of them come from atheist families. The jihadists always use the same method online, showing the young people shocking images that paint the Western world as degenerate and corrupt. Emmanuel said he believed them. "People become convinced that there is a huge conspiracy among the Jews, the financial industry, and America. They develop a kind of paranoia and see evil everywhere."
Like on MSNBC?

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