Monday, September 8, 2014

The lock of love is under Paris skies

And making a mess of the city's bridges;

Paris is asking love-struck couples strolling around the capital to refrain from affixing a lock to a city bridge and rather, snap a selfie in the name of love.

City Hall officials made the plea on Monday after months of mulling over how to stop couples from clipping “love-locks” on the city’s historic bridges over the Seine River.
Some of which are in danger of collapsing under the weight. So the city has a website;
Now, city officials are hoping social media can restore the safety of Paris’s bridges. As of Wednesday, red heart-shaped notices in several languages will be put up urging amorous lovers to take a selfie and post it to a special website (
"It's the first step in a wider action plan ... an initial communication effort to tell people that love locks are not good for Paris’s cultural heritage and that actually, it's not an ideal way to symbolise love," local city officials said in its message.
Maybe Francoise Hollande and one of his mistresses could be encouraged to speak up.

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