Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'll never forget what's his name

With a Presidential election coming soon, will Chileans count their blessings;
Despite cooling down in a handful of key sectors, the Chilean economy continued to grow this winter.
....The growth rate for 2013 now stands at 4.3 percent — taking into account a newly calculated 4.5 percent growth rate for 2013’s first quarter.
Still, 2012 averaged 5.45 percent growth and it is largely seen as unlikely that Chile will maintain this standard in 2013. 
Joseph Ramos, an economics professor at the Universidad de Chile, says the country should not be satisfied with anything below a 5 percent growth rate. 
“A 4.1 growth rate is not a good growth rate,” Ramos told The Santiago Times. “The Chilean economy presumably … has the capacity to grow 5 percent per year, and if that's not taking place, notwithstanding fairly strong investment, then something is amiss. It would call for action, rather than complacency, in my estimation.”
Compared to what?, is always the question that ought to be asked. In this case, 40 years ago.

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