Friday, August 2, 2013

You think our food is bad...

Wait til you see who serves it to you, says Maria (in a) Snytkova;
...looking back at the most exciting moments of the history of McDonald's it becomes obvious that the owners of the popular chain pay a very close attention to the attitudes in the society. For example....It was in 1970, when women's liberation movement advocating social equality between men and women unfolded in the civilized countries. The understanding of equality by ardent feminists was counter to the policy of McDonald's that the chain's owners followed to the letter. The rule book stated that only men were allowed to work in fast food restaurants, and women would only be a distracting "element" that would destroy the entire chain of well-thought-out process of quick orders that made the company successful.
If you want to be happy for the rest of your business life;
It was pointless to contradict women fighting for their rights, and McDonald's executives made a difficult decision to start employing women, but with one condition - they had to be unattractive. The chain had no objective reasons to refuse employment to pretty job seekers, and it was decided to create a concealing uniform that would distort the shape of their figure. For the same reason, women who work in McDonald's restaurants are still not allowed to wear jewelry and makeup. The most interesting moment of this story is the fact that thanks to "unattractive" women working in McDonald's, the restaurant was frequented by married couples. As noted by managers of the restaurant chain, the wives preferred to accompany their spouses to the places where was no distractions by attractive waitresses. In contrast, other restaurants preferred hiring pretty female workers.
Sounds like a Kroc. And those diabolical capitalists never quit;
Given that McDonald's was able to take advantage of the victory of feminism that shocked the humanity, it is likely that the owners of the restaurant will be able to use the current global economic instability in their favor. At the very least, they will be able to soften the blow of reduced financial capacity of their clients. Residents of European countries most affected by the protracted crisis are the only ones who save on hamburgers, while the Americans and the Russians still often visit the restaurant chain.
That's Pravda!

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