Friday, August 16, 2013

No Accident

But it is an Emergency for England's National Health Service A&E, to the tune of almost a billion dollars;
Struggling A&E units in England are to be given a £500m bailout over the next two years to ensure waiting times are kept under control. 
Prime Minister David Cameron said the funds would be targeted at areas under most pressure after the NHS missed its waiting time target in the winter.....News of the cash injection comes a fortnight after the Commons Health Select Committee said the "confusing" and "contradictory" information it had received over NHS crisis plans raised questions about whether it would be in a position to cope better next winter.
During the cross-party group's investigation, the MPs found just 17% of hospitals had the recommended level of consultant cover, while difficulties with discharging patients and a lack of beds at times meant the flow of patients through the system was disrupted.
With over a half century to work out the kinks, the Brits still can't deliver universal health care. 

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