Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Being right is racist

The Oprah now admits she wouldn't have paid $38,000 for a mere handbag, but that doesn't mean the sales clerk wasn't racist for accurately judging her price range;
'To be honest, if I had known upfront what this damned bag cost, do you know what? The woman was right: I would not have bought the thing - far too expensive! Too expensive! $38,000! I would have fainted when I saw the price tag.'
So the little person was doing Oprah a service.
She continued: 'The saleslady said it was the Jennifer Aniston bag that was created by Tom Ford for Jennifer.  The idea went through my head that I should call Jennifer or Tom - I know them both very well. Instead I said to the saleslady: "Okay, I understand. The bag is just for Jennifer, and only she is allowed to buy it, right?
'The woman said "no, no" and tried to explain something. But I was no longer listening.
After all, she was just a sales clerk.
I just said: "Thank you very much, you're probably right that I can't afford it."'I went. I didn't want to make a scene. Really not. That's why it annoys me now too, that it has become this major international story. And that the names of Tom Ford and Jennifer Aniston were pulled in too. The whole thing is really quite annoying.'
Right, that Jen and Tom might be embarrassed. They're people who count, not some Swiss sales girl.

As Bernard Shaw put it, A person's breeding shows in how they conduct themselves in an argument.

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