Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Singing for your snorer

Ung gar! Altogether now, says choir director and entrepreneur Alise Ojay, your spouse will thank you;
"After being nudged awake, and told to roll over and stop snoring, every night for months, I decided to do a web search, to try to find a natural remedy that would help to quieten me down, so my husband and I could both get a better sleep. After Singing for a couple of weeks my husband reported I was much quieter, and by the end of the program I had stopped completely. I am so glad I found Singing for Snorers. It's fun to do, well presented, and worked wonders for me." CC, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. 
"I had sleep apnea with an AHI* of 40 - serious. I couldn’t tolerate CPAP. I felt terrible and thought my life was over. Fortunately in 2005, I became aware of the Singing for Snorers exercises created by Alise Ojay. I bought the CDs right away. I found that they were easy to do, did not take too much time, and the instructions that came with them were excellent. These exercises cured my sleep apnea – as confirmed by my pulse oximeter, by my wife who no longer heard me snoring or stop breathing and by my getting my energy and zest for life back – despite being in my 80s I got a job at my local college. This was 8 years ago now and I have remained without sleep apnea by continuing to use the exercises at a maintenance level." Charley Hupp, Arizona, USA  
(*Apnea-Hypopnea Index)
Hear her for yourself, thanks to the BBC.

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