Thursday, August 1, 2013

Valor comparable

Now we hear that the real problem in Chile is overpaid public sector workers;
Workers went on strike Monday to protest for better working conditions, including pay raises. At present, municipalities in charge of providing waste collection subcontract services to private companies. Strikers argue wages for waste collectors in the public sector are higher than those in the private sector and have been fighting for salaries to be standardized across the trade.  
Which standardization could be accomplished by cutting the pay of the public sector collectors, no?  Tenga cuidado con lo que deseas.

At any rate, the politicians down there have the answer; a committee (which will kick the can past the upcoming election);
The waste collectors’ strike ended Wednesday when workers accepted a proposal put forth by union leaders and the government involving the creation of a committee to address grievances in the industry. 
The committee will be set up within 60 days and promises to look at the workers’ issues, come up with solutions and implement them within a year.
Armando Soto, president of the Federation of Contract Cleaners, Gardeners and Waste Collectors (Fenasinaj), sees the committee as an important first step toward the improving  working conditions for waste collectors employed in the private sector. 
Though the people who actually have to tote and lift the bales aren't so sure;
The end to the strike came as a surprise after the workers announced Wednesday morning that they rejected the agreement and would continue the strike, only to accept the agreement hours later. 
Marcelo López, a waste collector, had previously spoken on behalf of his co-workers and told CNN the situation was “unfair” as they had not been consulted during the formulation of the agreement.  
No, no Marcelo, usted no entiende lo que es importante. 

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