Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Komatsu U

Where, if you come, they will [teach you to] build it--because it's in their interest to do so;
Skilled drivers can be hard to find. Some construction firms fear hiring enough of them will become even harder as baby boomers retire.
So Tokyo-based Komatsu and its big American rivals, including Caterpillar Inc. and Deere & Co., are trying to make dozers and other machinery easier to run. ....
"Everybody is trying to make these machines easier to operate because it's harder and harder to find people" with the required skills, said Frank Manfredi, an industry consultant.
At stake is a global market for dozers that last year totaled about $5.9 billion, or 28,100 machines, according to Off-Highway Research Ltd., a London-based consultancy. The GPS control systems, which are much more elaborate than those in cars, come from such suppliers as Trimble Navigation Ltd., Sunnyvale, Calif., and Japan's Topcon Corp.
Which is an answer to Ezra Klein, though he probably won't recognize it;
Health care and education pose the same basic threat to the economy: How do you keep costs down for a product that consumers must purchase? 
You keep governments out of the provisioning of it--though they might have a role to play in helping people finance it, as with food stamps or education vouchers. Food, clothing, shelter...all the necessities of life get to us, not through the benevolence of their producers, but through their regard to their own self-interest.

That shouldn't be news, but it apparently is to the Washington Post. Or will be, if they ever hire a blogger who can think.

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