Saturday, August 24, 2013

Not rocket science

So, can't we all just ski along, Comrades;
North Korea has reacted angrily to a decision by Switzerland to block a deal to sell ski lifts to the secretive communist country.
The equipment - which included chair lifts and cable cars - was for the Masik ski resort project which is currently under construction.
But the Swiss government said last week the equipment constituted luxury goods and so was subject to UN sanctions.
North Korea's Skiers' Association said such equipment should not be banned.The resort, it said in a statement, was aimed at giving North Koreans "highly civilised and happy living conditions and make them enjoy all blessings.
"Cableway equipment for the ski resort do not produce any rocket or nuclear weapon," it added.
But it does offer recreational opportunities for those North Koreans who learned to ski while studying in Europe. One is a lonely number.

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