Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cameron Diaz; strikebreaker

Nobless oglige? Solidarity with the schmucks who pay to see her movies;
An on-going protest by fast-food workers expanded dramatically Thursday as coffee shop workers joined the walkout in Seattle, and workers in several other cities joined in across the nation.
It's all part of a nationwide protest for better pay and the right to organize. The workers say they want enough money to pay for rent, housing and  clothing.
No way. Let them eat Big Macs;
The actress reportedly paid $1,000 for a McDonald’s feast to thank her co-stars, like Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, and crew pals for working around the clock to complete the movie.
A source tells In Touch magazine, “Everyone was there working hard to finish up the final scenes and they were famished, so Cameron gave her assistant $1,000 in cash and had her make a run to McDonald’s.
She wanted to thank all the little people who made it possible.

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