Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sympathy for The Donald?

Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere would seem to have some, according to Deutsche Welle;
Germany will be unable to cope long-term with the rate of refugees entering the country, where the expected intake this year is equivalent to 1 percent of its present total population, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned Thursday.
Germany is expecting this year's crop of asylum seekers to be a record; 800,000. De Maiziere (a Christian Democrat) wants other European countries to take in some of them. That, and reform of immigration rules;
De Maiziere has questioned the EU's asylum rules, saying it needs "another system."

He indirectly threatened to reinstate border controls in Germany if other EU states failed to change their behavior.
 And he isn't the only German politician saying so;

Thomas Oppermann, parliamentary leader of the SPD [Social Democrats], told the "Rheinischen Post" newspaper on Thursday that Europe needed "a new refugee arrangement," adding that the current Dublin agreement had "collapsed."
That's because of civil unrest breaking out in parts of Germany;
Ethnic tension between refugees in overcrowded hostels spilled over into violence Wednesday evening in the eastern city of Suhl, located in the state of Thuringia, after around 100 asylum seekers were involved in a brawl at a refugee shelter.

The riot was sparked when an Afghan tore pages out of the Koran, angering other residents at the shelter, a police spokesman said.

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