Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Not just a day at la plage, many of my friends are Jewish

Paris, when it sizzles with leftist indignation;
Every summer, Paris turns the banks of the Seine into a makeshift beach known as Paris Plages and this year it has devoted each day to a famous beach around the world.
One of which, this year, being Tel Aviv Sur Seine. August 13th.
"Paris is handing Israel a nice bit of PR on a plate," [Left-wing councillor Danielle] Simonnet told France Inter radio. "I fear it will go very badly and I think it sends a bad message."
She called for the event to be cancelled or reorganised into "a peace protest, in support of fraternity, in support of the fight against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism, and to back recognition of the Palestinian state".
All forms of anti-semitism except the obvious. Naturally the mayor's office wanted to weasel out of controversy, but managed to make things worse;
Bruno Julliard, a top official in the mayor's office, sought to downplay the uproar, saying people should distinguish between "the brutal politics of the Israeli government and Tel Aviv, a progressive city".
Some of The French are a phony race.

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