Monday, August 3, 2015

Call Mugabe Bwana

Who really killed Cecil? Poor logicians, that's who, says The Standard;
It is no accident that one of the two men who accompanied the dentist on the safari, and who have now been arrested, was a farmer (the other was a professional hunter hired by Palmer as a guide). State wildlife officials claim that Honest Trymore Ndlovu helped to lure the lion off the wildlife reserve and onto his property, Antoinette Farm, where the beast was killed.

Why would he do such a thing? Perhaps because he is a farmer in a country where agriculture is an industry of destitution. Zimbabwe was once celebrated as the “breadbasket of Africa,” whose fertile earth supplied the world with abundant tobacco, corn and wheat.
Today, Zimbabwe can't even feed itself, and over 3/4 ot the people live in abject poverty, relying on foreign aid. So they turn to poaching the once abundant wildlife.
In 2000, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe enacted a disastrous land reform policy. Farms were divided up and nationalised and many plots were handed out to generals and ministers.

Thousands of white landowners were violently evicted from their farms, which were then parcelled into smallholdings and given to black Zimbabweans. The destruction of property rights led to a disintegrating economy and widespread poverty.
Socialism. Deadly for lions and other living things.

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