Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Ann Coulter should read Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: Culture, Markets and the Failure of Third-Way Socialsim, by Nima Sanandaji.
Another regrettable feature of Scandinavian countries is their difficulty in assimilating immigrants. Unemployment rates of immigrants with low education levels in Anglo-Saxon countries are generally equal to or lower than unemployment rates among natives with a similar educational background, whereas in Scandinavian countries they are much higher.
And even immigrants with high levels of education in Scandinavia, have trouble finding work. In Finland and Sweden the unemployment rates of highly educated immigrants are 8 points higher than natives of those countries with similar educational levels. But in Anglo-Saxon countries the rates are very similar.

Also, the descendants of Scandinavians who've emigrated to the United States enjoy higher levels of income, along with equality among themselves. Their median incomes are 20% higher than Americans' as a whole. Poverty rates of Nordics in the USA are half that of average Americans. Lower even than their brethren who remain in their home nations.

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