Thursday, August 13, 2015

Money can buy his love...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

No grueling two-a-days for the best team in football (that plays with officially-properly inflated footballs). Just rap music and happy camping;
What a difference a year — and $6.5 million more guaranteed — make for Marshawn Lynch.
Viva la difference;
Today’s longer-than-usual practice exemplified how happy Lynch is now. On his way back to the huddle following one play he danced to the blaring rap music the hired DJ was mixing on the sidelines.
Long-in-the-tooth Seahawk fans may remember the days when Jack Patera was head coach. He held his training camps in Cheney, in far eastern Washington state, far from the maddening crowds. Necessitating the players to sleep in college dorm rooms, away from family and friends for weeks. And, notoriously, he even refused to have water on the field during his practices.

Patera's teams never made the play-offs either. We'll see if Pete Carroll's continue to do so, with $6.5 million less to spend on offensive linemen who block for Marshawn.

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