Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't fence us in

Fence them out!

When Hungary was Communist the traffic wanted to go the other way, now people are flocking in, when they are allowed. I.e., not often;
Hungary’s borders are still open at legal entry points, [Minister Janos] Lázár said. The temporary border fence being built on the southern border will be completed by November, he added. The government would take every possible measure to stop immigrants from “taking over” the country. The government regarded Serbia, Greece and Macedonia as “safe countries”, and migrants would be returned to those places if they were sent back to Hungary from Germany or Austria.
If they're 'safe', then they're considered at home to Hungary. Thus not eligible for refugee status in Hungary.  

Knock, knock. Who's there?
 Lázár said signs would be placed on the fence [now being built on the southern border of the country] to indicate the nearest legal border crossing, thus allowing “genuine political refugees” to enter.

“One should enter Hungary through the door, not through the wall,” he said. “We are of the old school; we believe that if one wants to enter somewhere, he or she should knock first rather than trying to break through the wall.”
That, and trampling on the crops of private Hungarian citizens;
Hungarian farmers who say their crops have been damaged by migrants trampling through their fields treated soldiers building a fence on the border with Serbia with watermelons and other fruits to help offset the high temperatures.

Lajos Acsay, who organized the donation including 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds) of refrigerated watermelons, said the farmers near the southern village of Morahalom felt “the dark side of this migration problem.”
Not just The Donald.

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