Monday, August 10, 2015

Norwegian would ....

One of the running jokes in the first episodes of Lylyhammer, is that the FBI set Frank--The Fixer--Tagliano up in a Norwegian lifestyle, which includes an electric car (Even Norwegians deride it as a lawnmower). Which makes Frankie an exporter of pollution, according to economists Stephen P. Holland, Erin T. Mansur, Nicholas Z. Muller,  and Andrew J. Yates .

After remaining relatively quiet for more than a century, the market for electric vehicles is undergoing a remarkable worldwide renaissance. This is most apparent in Norway, where the market share of electric vehicles has exceeded 15% of sales every month this year.
The three economists say that when researchers take a long hard look at the benefits (less pollution from auto tailpipes) AND the costs of putting more electric vehicles on the roads (generating electricity, as well as manufacturing costs of  the vehicles and their batteries), they find that an electric vehicle generates approximately $1100 greater environmental harm than a gasoline vehicle.

And while gasoline powered vehicles usually confine their pollution locally, Our second finding is that electric vehicles export pollution across state borders to a much greater extent that gasoline vehicles.

We determine that over 90% of damages from non-greenhouse gas emissions from driving an electric car in one state are exported to other states. In contrast, the figure is only 18% for gasoline vehicles. In the majority of states, driving an electric car makes that state’s air cleaner, but leads to increases in pollution in other states to such a degree that the overall environmental benefit from vehicle operation is negative.
That's a result from the United States. Scandinavian mileage may vary.

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