Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stay inside and watch slow TV

At least that's still legal in Norway. Mowing your lawn, not so much;
Many Norwegians think it’s only illegal in Norway to mow their lawns during church hours on Sundays, from 11am to noon, but the law against it actually applies to the whole day, police confirm. They’re often contacted during the summer months by people irritated over neighbours disturbing the peace, and this year has been no exception.

“We generally tell them to have a chat with their neighbours first,” Elin Anja Drønnen, an inspector for the Sunnmøre Police District, told state broadcaster NRK. She confirmed, however, that a national law ensuring helgedagsfred (Sunday peace) applies all day.
Maybe Norwegians could use the free time to brush up their 'shroomsphere;
The so-called soppkontroll stands often seen near public transport hubs on weekends during mushroom season won’t be set up this year. Public funding for the mushroom advisers ended in 2007, and newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that Norway’s national mushroom association has now run out of resources as well.

“There’s nothing we’d rather do than carry out mushroom controls,” Edvin W Johannesen of the association (Norges sopp- og nyttevektsforbund, NSNF) told Aftenposten. “But now we’ve scraped the bottom of our resources and we aren’t able to operate this fall without support from the authorities.”
 It's probably illegal in Norway for mushroom experts to sell their services as consultants, too.

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