Saturday, August 15, 2015

Give him the Ohlala

One can now take Cole Porter's advice in Berlin;
"I like to say that Ohlala is halfway between Peppr and Tinder," [founder Pia] Poppenreiter said, referring to the hugely popular dating app recently accused by Vanity Fair of fueling a culture of casual sex. "But Ohlala is a lot less explicit than Peppr was. And, above all, we've flipped the booking process."
  The process is; 
Users, or "gentlemen" as Ohlala demurely calls them, register for free and make a pitch, including hourly rate, duration of the date, place and personal preferences. They then send their pitches to available "ladies" nearby.
All of whom must speak German fluently, supposedly.
For now, Poppenreiter insists on using the term "paid dates," skirting the issue by saying that exactly what transpires when users meet is none of Ohlala's business. "What is a prostitute anyway?" she asked. "Is it someone who has sex for money as a full-time job? Are you a prostitute just because you do it once? I don't like labels and I would prefer to distance myself from certain language. We want to develop a tool for users, not engage in political debate. The service we're offering is honest and straightforward."
Life is a cabaret. Oh boy.

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