Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The slowest trigger in Florida

The geniuses in the Florida state attorney's office, have a theory;
George Zimmerman's prosecutors revealed for the first time to ABC News on Sunday that they believe he reached for his gun shortly after he and Trayvon Martin confronted each other.
While Zimmerman says he reached for his gun after the 17-year-old started beating him up, prosecutors believe Zimmerman pointed his gun sooner and that Martin was shouting for help because he saw it.
However, they never presented this theory in court because they lacked evidence.
"I think [Zimmerman] had the gun out earlier … but we didn't have the eyewitnesses," prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda told ABC News.
After Zimmerman pointed his gun at Martin, the prosecutors' theory goes, the teenager began screaming for help. When a neighbor called 911, screams were heard in the background. Martin's mother and brother testified that it was him screaming for help, while his killer's friends and family seemed certain it was Zimmerman.
'Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket; Zimmerman had his gun out and allowed Trayvon Martin to bash his head into the concrete for forty seconds, before he got up the courage to shoot. Too bad we don't have any evidence to prove it, it's such a beautiful theory.'

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