Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sir Charles drinks beer, doesn't he

The most powerful man in the world implies that he wants the country to have an honest dialogue on race;
In a rare and public reflection on race, President Barack Obama called on the nation Friday to do some soul searching over the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his shooter, saying the slain black teenager "could have been me 35 years ago." Empathizing with the pain of many black Americans, Obama said the case conjured up a hard history of racial injustice "that doesn't go away."
Obama's personal comments, in a surprise appearance in the White House press room, marked his most extensive discussion of race as president. For Obama, who has written about his own struggles with racial identity but often has shied away from the subject in office, the speech signaled an unusual embrace of his standing as the nation's first black president and the longing of many African-Americans for him to give voice to their experiences.
Which mostly doesn't include growing up in affluence in Hawaii while their mothers work on their Phd in sociology.  Attending one of the  most exclusive schools in the country, graduating from Columbia and Harvard Law School.

Far more American blacks grow up in dangerous, inner city neighborhoods, where they're more likely to suffer violence from their fellow man than to go to college. In that, hey're more like George Zimmerman than Barrack Obama--both of whom are the products of inter-racial parents.

But, there is something that the First Black POTUS could do to get America on the road to better racial harmony; in fact, do some soul searching with someone who has been honest about these things in the past; have a beer summit with Charles Barkley, and do it on national television for the entire country to see.. We are sure that any one of a number of television hosts would jump at the chance of moderating it; Brian Lamb, Charlie Rose, Piers Morgan, Jake Tapper, Steven Colbert or Jon Stewart. Name your poison, as it were.

Charles could explain to Mr. Obama what a 'knucklehead' is, for one thing.

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