Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gay basher?

Watch Angela Corey, in April 2012, tell assembled journalists that, in the George Zimmerman murder case, Details have to come out in excruciating and minute fashion. Detail by detail, bit of evidence by bit of evidence.

But, before she announced those charges, she--and Bernie de la Rionda, who is standing alongside her here--had to have spoken to Rachel Jeantel and learned that Jeantel and Trayvon Martin had been talking by phone about the 'creepy', possible homosexual rapist following Trayvon that night.

Which explains the missing four minutes of Trayvon's behavior after we hear George Zimmerman tell the police dispatcher that the suspect 'is running'. Trayvon is a mere 60-70 yards from 'his daddy's fiance's' townhouse...and safety. A healthy teenager can run that distance in probably 20 seconds. She must have told Corey and de la Rionda, as she later testified in court, that Trayvon had arrived near the back of that townhouse (where he could have entered and sat down to watch the NBA All Star game).

How could these prosecutors not have noticed that, as Jeantel told Piers Morgan last night on CNN, the motivation for Trayvon to return to the top of the T, where the 'creepy ass cracka', possible homosexual rapist, Zimmerman, was peacefully awaiting the police, was homophobia?  That Trayvon was returning to put some 'whuppass' (Jeantel's words last night) on Zimmerman.

Jeantel openly admits to their having sexually profiled Zimmerman. She said she thinks that's normal, that any boy or man who 'isn't that kind of way', would be 'creep out'. Isn't that a hate crime? Isn't that what caused Zimmerman to have to defend himself the homophobe Trayvon?

Didn't the prosecutors thus, enable more of the same by condoning it in their actions against the innocent George Zimmerman?

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