Thursday, July 4, 2013

¿Cómo se dice,SWINE?

Estudiantes tremendamente indignados acerca de casi todo in Chile;
Despite years at the forefront of the political agenda in Chile, and in the wake of Sunday’s primary vote, student demonstrators approach November’s general election feeling increasingly marginalized. Student movement leaders have consigned themselves to the political periphery by fully rejecting the education reform plans outlined by either Michelle Bachelet or Pablo Longueira — winners in the left-leaning Concertación and conservative Alianza coalition primaries, respectively. 
Whadda we want?
While student protesters do not feel represented by the presidential frontrunners, they have certainly succeeded in making education a major campaign issue. Regular marches for free education and an end to for-profit schools, have regained much of the momentum they achieved in 2011. 
When do we get it? 

Well, the 'free' part they have now. If 'free' means their parents pay for it through taxation. As for ending 'for-profit schools', that would deny students the opportunity to get an education outside the political control of both the parties they claim to be rejecting. That reality seems lost on these 'students'.

Maybe they should spend more time studying la lógica, and less time marching.

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