Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Don't judge a book by its cover'

Instead, take Rachel Jeantel's advice (though, it apparently doesn't apply to 'perverts' peacefully sitting in their pickups), watch her interviewed at the Huffington Post, and then make up your mind. See for yourself, if she doesn't come across, as a narcissist, a racist, illogical, semi-literate, with no self-awareness whatsoever. Self-entitled in the most childish way; 'I'm a teenager. I'm nineteen.' and 'Me, a teenager. An adult judging me!'

Oblivious to the consequences of one's reckless behavior, when she discusses the 'whuppass' put on George Zimmerman by her friend Trayvon--she admits he started the fight with the first punch. He wouldn't have killed Zimmerman. No, impossible. That's just normal teenager behavior. Zimmerman should have taken it.

She also seems to admit to perjury when denying that she and Trayvon were boyfriend/girlfriend.

Keep in mind while watching that Piers Morgan thinks she's intelligent. She thinks so too, as she plans to go to college. Who can blame her, with adults encouraging her in her irresponsible, immature attitudes. Attitudes that helped get Trayvon Martin killed. As Thomas Sowell wrote in his book Black Rednecks and White LiberalsThose who provide black rednecks with alibis do no favor to them, to other blacks, or to the larger society in which we all live. 

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