Friday, July 12, 2013


Got secrets to keep?  You may need to step back into 19th century technology.  At least that what's Russia's spooks are doing;
A 486,540-rouble (£9,860) [$15K USD] order for electric typewriters has been placed by the [Kremlin] FSO agency on the state procurement website.
The FSO has not commented on why it needs the old-fashioned devices.But an agency source told Russia's Izvestiya newspaper the aim was to prevent leaks from computer hardware.
"After scandals with the distribution of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the exposes by Edward Snowden, reports about Dmitry Medvedev being bugged during his visit to the G20 London summit (in 2009), it has been decided to expand the practice of creating paper documents," the source said.
The source added that typewriters were already being used at Russia's defence and emergencies ministries for drafts and secret notes, and some reports had been prepared for President Vladimir Putin by typewriter.
Why not go back to quill pen and ink?

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