Thursday, July 4, 2013

But you can't take the fresh out of the boy?

Don't call these young students ''freshmen.'' They're now called ''first-year students'' in Washington's statutes.
....''Fishermen'' are now called ''fishers.''
....The title of ''chairman'' will simply be known by the piece of furniture he or she sits on: ''Chair.'' 
Also, ''chairmanship'' is gone. That's been replaced by the ''position of chair.'' 
Longshoremen are now ''longshore workers.'' 
Alas, all is not lost;
 ...''manhole'' stayed the same in the lawbooks. 
There just wasn't a good substitute for it, according to a code reviser....
''Seaman'' also stayed the same, because the Washington Military Department didn't want to futz with the term....
''Horse man'' also stayed in the codes, with the addition of ''horse woman.'' 
We're sure every cowperson rejoices.

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